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Tali and Ruusula bowling alleys

Bowling is perfect for everyone. The 36 lanes of the Talin bowling alley and 24 lanes of the Ruusula bowling alley provide an excellent setting for bowling in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

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Tali Bowl

Although the tracks and conditions of the Tali bowling alley are top notch, the Tali Bowl is not only for professionals. At the Tali, the beginners and the cosmic bowlers can also bowl as well. Cosmic bowling at the Tali Bowl is normally on Saturdays and the family party at the Tali Bowl has become a favorite for families with children.

There is a restaurant called Tali Cafe, which serves A-rights, where you can find hot food during the opening hours. The kitchen will be closed one hour before closing the bowling alley. In addition to bowling at the Talin Bowl, you can also play billiards and snooker, throw darts, play table football or take part in the legendary Sega Rally.

The bowling alley in Tali is a real bowling alley that must be seen. Due to the space of the bowling alley, it is unique in the world and awakens in the visitors, wherever they are in the world. The Tali Bowling Hall has 36 top-of-the-line Brunswick Pro Anvilane lanes, Brunswick GSX pinsetters and the Brunswick Vector Plus scoring system. Lanes of 18 is equipped with Brunswick Pinball Wizard side rails for easy kids' bowling.

Tali's bowling alley is part of the versatile sports facilities at the Tali Sports Park. In addition to bowling and billiards, the area includes badminton, squash, rope adventure, tennis, a gym, group sports in all forms, an 18-hole golf course, a field for American football, several football pitches and a football club. There is also a 18-bit frisbee golf a little further.