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Ruusula bowl

The Ruusula bowling alley is Finland's oldest bowling alley still in operation. The Ruusula bowling alley is a traditional nightclub in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and perhaps the most famous bowling alley among leisure time enthusiasts. You can check our location here if you come to us for the first time.

The Ruusula bowling alley has 24 lanes, of which at least half are always reserved for cosmic bowling. During the most popular times on Friday and Saturday, the entire hall has cosmic feeling. The Ruusula bowling alley also has two 9-foot pool tables, a couple of darts and two stylish order saunas.

The best way to make your reservation in Ruusula is to book online.
Here you will find prices. At the same time, check out the serial card for bowling and bowling bracelet!

By phone, we serve during the opening hours at 044 7004 302 and you can send an email to ruusula@bowling.fi. We will open MA - TO at 14 and LA - SU at 12 noon.

Businesses and groups that order bowling lanes, such as sauna facilities, dining or meeting packages, have their own sales service; tel. +358 44 7004 304. Or ask for a quotation via the Tender form.

Welcome to the Ruusula bowling alley!

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