Exciting finish in girls sigle and all event

all event medallists nettiinThe audience in Tali saw very exciting finish in girls singles qualification and all event. Before the last game it was only sure, that Maria Koshel will be the all event's champion and in the singles final, all the rest was open. Anna Petakova from Czech Republic shot five strikes in a row from the fifth frame in the last game and took the second place in singles qualification. Megan G. Dicay, who played in the morning squad was number three and Lorna Scott from England fourth. Finland's Essi Pakarinen was on her way to semi final still in seventh frame, but the she made an open frame and missed pins 2/4 in the last and was left out with 11 pins.

I knew that I can bowl well, but I did not know that I can bowl this well and take the all event gold medal", Maria Koshel said. "This is the first all event gold to Russia and I can not find words to express, how happy and pround I am. I hope that Russian girls will develop for the next year, so we can do the same as Finland this year. Take all medals in all event", she smiled.

In all event Maria Koshel played 3788 (210,4) in 18 games and took gold medal. Swedish girls Hanna Engberg and Mathilde Tidbeck hunted silver and bronze until the last game. Hanna finished with 166 and missed the bronze medal with five pins, Mathilde with 173 and missed the medal with 14 pins. So the silver medallist is Elice Piksilä from Finland and bronze medallist Denise Blankenzee from Holland.

Seija Lankinen