Finland took the lead in squad one

Finland 1

Finnish double, Jesse Ahokas (left) and Niko Oksanen, took the lead in boys doubles qualification. Team fellows where the best players in the squad, Niko with the score 1419 and Jesse 1320.

The total 2764 of Finnish boys is 222 pins more than the result of the second best, which was the Netherlands. After the first squad Ukraine is third and England fourth.

"I felt comfortable already in the beginning of the squad. There are lots of friends in the center and the audience cheered us real well", Jesse said. "We worked together really well, Jesse managed to bowl better in the beginning and me at the end", said Niko who finished with games 258 and 300. The 300 game was 15th to him. "Of course all of them have felt fine, but there is some more valuable in this one, when we bowl in European Championships", Niko said.

Finnish boys last tree games result, 1444, is a new EYC record. Former record was 1443, bowled by Niko Oksanen and Emil Strömberg, Finland, 2015 in Leipzig.

Seija Lankinen