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Brunswick Ballmaster Open 2023 - HOTEL


The official hotel for Brunswick Ballmaster Open 2023 is Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa. The Hotel is located near Tali Bowl.

The Hotel location offers easy access to the Bowling Centre but also to Downtown Helsinki by tram or bus. The hotel has a nice location near the sea and a fresh nature even it’s near downtown. Now when the tournament is in summer the fresh location near the sea is excellent. It's also possible to walk between the hotel and the bowling center.


The Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa room rates for the tournament are starting 119€/single and 129€/double. Hilton buffee breakfast is included. If you don't get the correct rate from the web, please contact directly to the hotel. On the Website enter the code to the Group Code -field. You can also ask for an extra bed.

Click this link to get the BBO2023 room rates or enter the booking code G1BALA

Note that your booking in Hilton you are free to cancel in previous day. The cheapest price in most hotels you are not able to cancel for free.

+358 9 45811 -  - code G1BALA


Train, Tram, Bus or Taxi

The Train from the Airport goes directly to the Downtown Helsinki. A single ticket from Airport to Downtown cost 4,10€. A single ticket from Downtown to Tali Bowl or a single ticket from Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa to Downtown cost 2,80€. You can download the Ticket App to your mobile phone from here.

A Taxi from the Airport to Tali Bowl or to Downtown Helsinki costs around 40-50 euros. A Taxi from Tali Bowl to Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa costs 10-15 euros and from Downtown Helsinki to Tali Bowl the cost is around 20-30 euros. If you prefer to choose Uber you probably save some money?

The Taxi operator we prefer is Taxi Helsinki see prices here.