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Jonas Dammen shot 300 game

Jonas Dammen 2Jonas Dammen from Norway bowled his 7th 300 game in EYC2017 boys single event. He had games 192, 190 and 180, then perfect 300 game. In EYC history this was the 300 game number 18 in boys division. Gilrs has made 300 game four time in the history.

Seija Lankinen

Ziga Zalar 300Ziga Zalar, Slovenia, 300 game

Ziga Zalar from Slovenia started the single event with 300 game. It was his first perfect game ever!

Seija Lankinen

England and Sweden are the team champions

Sweden goldIn semi finals the full house Tali got what wanted, three matches were really exciting. Sweden's boys team had no problems in their game against Slovakia and won by high score 948-817. Denmark managed to fight against Finland until eighth frame. Then started the blue-white colours the march to victory and Finland earned the place to the final with scores 889-832.

In girls semi final looked like Sweden is beating England easily, but in the last frame they threw it away with some opens. England said thank you and won 755-723. The match between Finland and the Netherlands was also tight. In the last frame Finland was stroger and marched in to the final with scores 756-729.

Boys final was a celebration of Sweden. Robin Skans, Emanuel Jonsson, William Svensson and Filip Thelander started the strike show from the first frames and Finland could not answer. Sweden won the titel match 937-814.


England goldGirls final was a thriller. England had in half way the lead with 50 pins, but Finland came back to the game in 8-9 frames. England's last player, Mia Bewley, had the keys in her hands, but she finished with an open frame. Then Teea Mäkelä had a chage to become a hero, but after a spare she took only eight pins and there was a tie 750-750. Breaking the tie all four players made one shot and the total was counted. First round ended in tie 38-38, but England won the second 38-34 and took the gold medals. In the gold medal team were playing Isabelle Allen, Lorna Scott, Mia Bewley and Natasja Ailes.

We heard also sad news from team England. Two players, Ki Leighfield and Matthew Terry, are expelled from team England and they will bowl no more.

Tomorrow in Tali we will have boys single, and on Saturday girls single.

Seija Lankinen

Boys team finals: Finland, Sweden, Slovakia, Denmark

Team Finland boys 2nd dayBoys teams qualification ended with a big fight about the last places in the semifinals. Finland and Sweden were already for sure in the finals before the last game and so it looked like also with Denmark. But the last game was difficult to Danish players and they bowled only 652 and a few teams were hunting after them. Slovakia finished with a 788 game and that was enough to beat Denmark and for the third place in the qualification. Norway shot 787 and the Netherlands 794, but could not reach Denmark. Norway was the first team under the cut with 40 pins behind Denmark. The Netherlands missed the finals with 43 pins.

Team Finland in the picture Niko Oksanen (left), Pyry Puharinen, Jesse Ahokas and Lassi Aalto.

In the all event the lead is tightly in Niko Oksanen's hands. The young Finn has bowled 2803 in nine games, meaning average 233,6. Nikos team mate Jesse Ahokas is second with score 2635 and Ronan van der Loo from the Netherlands third, 2616. Finlands Pyry Puharinen keeps the fourth place, 31 pins behind Ronan.

Seija Lankinen


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