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Maria Koshel leaded Russia on top


RussiaRussia's Maria Koshel was in good shape in the first event in her 4th time in EYC. She played 1269 and lead Russian double in the semi final from first position. Maria's team mate, Daria Minenko, had also a good day and she bowled 1198. Girls total in doubles was 2467 (205,6).

In the semi final Russia will meet Norway, which is the only double in top four from the first squad. Sweden was second and will play against Belgium in semi final. The qualification was really tight, the Netherlands was left out with ten pins and the host country Finland with 19 pins.

To Maria Koshel this is already fourth time in EYC and medal in doubles feels special good for her. "This was first time, we really played well in doubles and I am happy about the medal. It's never easy to get in the finals, everyone is nervous, when we are playing for the places in top four", Maria said. Daria Minenko and Maria are traning a lot together in Brunswick Bowling Academy and they think, that is a big thing. "We have learned to work together and I think that is the first step for good bowling and high scores", Maria said. To Daria, this is first time in Championships, but she was very relaxed after the qualification. "I trust Maria and I know she trust me, so it was good to work together", Daria said.

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Norway the best in tight very squad


Norway nettiinNorwegian double, Sofia Hulstedt (left in the picture) and Helene Johnsrud, was the best players in girls doubles first qualification squad. At the end the squad was really tight and exciting, the Netherlands lost to Norway only with 10 pins and Finland 19 pins. Germany finished with a hig score 468 and took the fourth position in the squad. Norway made a total score 2272 (av. 189,3), which will be enough for the semifinal, without miracles.

Sofia was the best player in the squad with 1209. She was very happy and relaxed after the squad. "We did not have any pressure, we just went  to the lanes and had fun and enjoy bowling", she said. "We saw, that we were leading, but we did not let that thought in our minds. We only concentrated, what we were doing".

Girls said that now they will stay in the center, but the coach Peppe Enqvist said some thing else. "Now they need to go out and take fresh air and work this out from their mind for to be ready to the semifinals", Peppe said.

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Ukraine took the gold


European Youth Championships first medal matches were really exciting and tight. Ukraine beat Finland in the semifinal 412-402. The anchorman Mykola Sielin hit the last strikes in the 10th frame, when the opponent gave the change. In the other semifinal the Netherlands won France quite clearly 436-399.

The victory of the final was already almost in the Netherlands´ pocket, while they were 26 pins ahead in the 7th frame. In the last frame the second boy from the Netherlands, Ronan van der Loo could have closed the door with a strike or a spare. But he missed the seven pin and gave the keys to Mykola. He said thanks, and hit two strikes and Ukraine won 410-406. The other gold medallist is Oleksandr Nechypaiev.

"It was really exciting, the whole day", Ukraine boys said. "I just tried to clean my head and concentrate to each shot. It was more difficult before, than in the last frames", Mykola said about crucial moment".
"Feels good. All the work, that we have done at home, got now the payment", Mykola smiled.

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France best in second squad

FranceWe got only one semifinalist from the second squad of boys doubles. France, Denmark, Norway were fighting until the last frames, in which France was the strongest. Maxime Dubois and Quentin Deroo took the third place and will meet the Netherlands in the semifinal. Ukraine will play against Finland.
"We did not have any preassure, only pleasure", Quentin said. "We played together in EYC doubles last year and finished on 9th place. Here our goal was better position. Medal is an extra bonus and makes us more happy", he continued.

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