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Top four in girls teams Finland, Sweden, England and the Netherlands

Team Finland 2 dayWe now have the top four teams in girls event ready for the semi finals this afternoon. Number one after the qualification is Finland and they will meet the Netherlands in the semi final. In the second match we will have Sweden against England. Finland bowled the score 4943 (206,0) and was strongly over the other teams. Sweden is as well very clearly number two, 165 pins behind Finland and 153 ahead of England. The difference between England and the Netherlands was only nine pins. Denmark was the first under the cut, almost 300 pins behind the Netherlands.

In girls all event Maria Koshel from Russia is still leading with score 2502 (208,5), 15-years old Hanna Engberg from Sweden is second, 2461. Denise Blankenzee from the Netherlands bowled 1291 in the team event and rose up to the third place. The best individual player in the team event was Elice Piksilä, Finland. The score 1295 took her from the 24th place to fifth in all events.

"Girls played very well, we only strugled in one game yesterday. Our left hand gilr Mathilda Tidbeck had problems, when she followed Norways lefty. We had a game plan for it, but it did not work. Today we had an other plan and that was right", the Swedish coach Peter Ljung told. He is very proud of the team and specially of 15-year old Hanna. "She is over than 15 with her mind, very strong girl mentally. She has played in our national league since she was 13 and has been in very good bowling school there", Peter said.

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Finnish girls follow the boys - take lead

Finland girlsFinnish girls team did the same as their compatrionat boys in the morning and they lead the team event qualification after first three games. Elice Piksilä, Essi Pakarinen, Vilma Salo and Teea Mäkelä bowled games 762, 889 and 788, total 2439 means 203,2 average. Sweden is second, 120 pins behind Finland, England and the Netherlands are two other teams in top four before the second block. Russia did not bowl as well as expected and is number five, but only nine pins behind the cut.

"We had really good team spirit today and we worked very well together. This is the second day of the Championships and we are getting used for all this noice and mess around. We managed to close all that out of our minds and concentrate to own bowling", Teea Mäkelä told. In all events she is on third position now, after Maria Koshel from Russia and Hanna Engberg, Sweden. Maria has bowled 1907 (211,9) in nine games, only 15-years old Hanna has 1855, and Teea 1814. "Today I had the right ball in the game and my pin reaction was much better than yesterday", Teea said.

Tomorrow girls will start at 09:00 in the morning and boys will play in the afternoon.

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Host country Finland on top

Team FinlandPyry Puharinen (left in the picture), Jesse Ahokas, Niko Oksanen and Lassi Aalto from the host country Finland bowled the high score 2686 (223,8) and toook the lead in team event, when we are in the half way. Finnish boys scored the games 892, 913 and 881. Finland left the team number two, Sweden, behind almost with 200 pins. Denmark is now third and Ukraine fourth.

The number one in Finnish team today was the leader of the all events, Niko Oksanen. He bowled 730 in three games and leads the all event with total score 2149 (238,8). Niko is now in his third and also in the last EYC and he has worked hard for this event. "This has been my goal long time, last Youth Championships at home, my desire to succeed here is really big", Niko said. "Today we managed to work together and communicate well about the lanes and changes on conditions. And our coach Markku Veijanen was supporting our ideas and read the lanes and lines to us".

In all events Jesse Ahokas is second and Pyry Puharinen third, so Finland has all the medal positions in hand after nine games, but there is still nine more games to work out.

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Belgium is the girls gold medallist in doubles



Belgian girls Jolien Thys and Shinya Haest beat Sweden in the semi final 388-349 and Norway in the final 404-345. The semi final was tight until the tenth frame, but the result of the final was more or less ready in eighth frame. In their own semi-final Norway won the qualification winner Russia with one pin, 398-388.

17-years old Jolien and 16-years old Shinya did not believe that they won, eventhough there were big smiles on their faces. "I feel, I am still dreaming", Shinya said. "I had hard time in the official practise and did not feel comfortable at all. Today I was pretty calm and also my spares were good". Shinya is looking very calm when she plays and she confirms that herself. "I'm normally never nervous, I get stressed only when I really feel like I am in a small corner", she said.

In the picture left the coach Melissa Vallons, Jolien Thys and Shinya Haest.

Seija Lankinen

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