Tight matches in girls singles

Single medalsThere were too really tight matches in girls singles semi finals. The game between Maria Koshel and Lorna Scott ended to tie 171-171. In the roll off Maria took nine pins away and Lorna only eigth, so Maria continued to hunt her second gold medal of the day. In the other semi final Megan G. Dicay won Anna Petakova with one pin 189-188. Megan finished the game first with spare and strike. Same to Anna would have brouhgt an other tie, but Anna took only nine pins after the spare.

Match for the gold was also tight until the seventh frame, where Maria made a 7-10 split and Megan took the match with three strikes in a row. Results in the match were 216-184. "Unbelivable, I am so happy. I can not believe this", Megan said. "We are good friends with Maria and I lost to her last time, now it was my turn. I found a good line and it worked, I had also good luck", she finished.

Seija Lankinen