Megan G. Dicay showed her best in single

Megan G. DicayDanish Megan G. Dicay was in good shape in girls first single squad. Before today her best six games result was 1139, now she bowled 1226 and will have an exciting afternoon, while waiting if this is enough for the singles semi final. "This was my best six games here in Helsinki. Now I played more out and hooked more, before I had more tight and straight line", Megan said. "I hope that this is enough for the medal games. Now I am very nervous and excited", Megan finished. Shinya Haest from Belgium, 1205, was second in the squad followed by Elice Piksilä Finland, 1199, and Jolien Thys Belgium, 1192.

There will be strong players in the second squad. Elice Piksilä is now leading the All Event, but two best players after 12 games, Maria Koshel, Russia, and Hanna Engberg, Sweden, are coming to play in the last qualification squad in EYC 2017. To beat Elice Maria needs to score 1091 and Hanna 1132. The two more players who can drop Elice out from the medals in All Event, are Mathilda Tidbeck from Sweden and Sofia Hultstedt from Norway. Both of them need to score 1214 for to reach Elice's total.

Seija Lankinen