Finland took everything in all event

all event FinlandEYC 2017 boys all events finished to Finnish celebration. Niko Oksanen took the gold medal with a new Championships record 4187. Jesse Ahokas is the silver medallist, 213 pins pins behind Niko, so there was no questions in Tali, who is the best boy in the center. In the last single squad there were couple of boys fighting for the bronze.

Emanuel Jonsson from Sweden hunted Finnish Pyry Puharinen, and both of them hunted the result of Ronan van der Loo from the Netherlands. In the last game Emanuel made an open in the second frame and was not able to strike out. He finished with a 210 game, which was not enough for the all event medal, but enough for the single's semi finals. Pyry made 247 in the fifth game and then 245 in the last and took the bronze medal with 23 pins difference to Ronan. "This is unbelievable, amazing feeling", 14-years old Pyry said. "Big thanks to my personal coach Sami Heinilä, who quided me to the right line in two last games", Pyry told. "It is great and more great to get all medals in all event here in Tali, in our home country", Jesse Ahokas said.

To Niko this is the last event in youth, so he was very pleased for the gold, second one in a row while he won all event also last year in Reykjavik. "This gold was my primary target here in Tali, because it is the most valuable medal", Niko said. "I have now got medal in each event here and in masters we will go for the gold. We have lost so many stepladders here, I am getting tired to it", Niko smiled.

In the singles qualification Ziga Zalar, Slovenia, was on top with score 1438. Sidney Schroschk from Germany was best in the second squad and took the second place. Niko Oksanen and Emanuel Jonsson had a tie with score 1384. Emanuel won the roll off 40-25 and will meet Sidney in the semi final. Niko will play against Zalar.

Seija Lankinen