Belgium is the girls gold medallist in doubles



Belgian girls Jolien Thys and Shinya Haest beat Sweden in the semi final 388-349 and Norway in the final 404-345. The semi final was tight until the tenth frame, but the result of the final was more or less ready in eighth frame. In their own semi-final Norway won the qualification winner Russia with one pin, 398-388.

17-years old Jolien and 16-years old Shinya did not believe that they won, eventhough there were big smiles on their faces. "I feel, I am still dreaming", Shinya said. "I had hard time in the official practise and did not feel comfortable at all. Today I was pretty calm and also my spares were good". Shinya is looking very calm when she plays and she confirms that herself. "I'm normally never nervous, I get stressed only when I really feel like I am in a small corner", she said.

In the picture left the coach Melissa Vallons, Jolien Thys and Shinya Haest.

Seija Lankinen