Ukraine took the gold


European Youth Championships first medal matches were really exciting and tight. Ukraine beat Finland in the semifinal 412-402. The anchorman Mykola Sielin hit the last strikes in the 10th frame, when the opponent gave the change. In the other semifinal the Netherlands won France quite clearly 436-399.

The victory of the final was already almost in the Netherlands´ pocket, while they were 26 pins ahead in the 7th frame. In the last frame the second boy from the Netherlands, Ronan van der Loo could have closed the door with a strike or a spare. But he missed the seven pin and gave the keys to Mykola. He said thanks, and hit two strikes and Ukraine won 410-406. The other gold medallist is Oleksandr Nechypaiev.

"It was really exciting, the whole day", Ukraine boys said. "I just tried to clean my head and concentrate to each shot. It was more difficult before, than in the last frames", Mykola said about crucial moment".
"Feels good. All the work, that we have done at home, got now the payment", Mykola smiled.

Seija Lankinen